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    “Many real estate books tell you what to do. This book tells you how it REALLY is. I highly recommend it”
    Mike Litman, # 1 Best-selling Author of Conversations with Millionaires.

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    Discover the True Life Stories of 4 People from Different Walks of Life Who Went On to Become Everyday Real Estate Millionaires™.

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    • The Insider Strategies of Everyday People and How They Did It.
    • Step by Step Actions of Average People Who Became Millionaires.
    • How to Make Money in Any Market.
    • Money, Savings, Credit, a High Paying Job and a University Education Are Not Required.
    • A Retiree Without Any Income Can Make Money with Real Estate.
    • It’s Not Too Late for Baby-Boomers To Invest Safely.
    • Basic Understanding of Math is All You Need.
    • You Don’t Have to Be a Landlord.
    • What To Do When You Run Out of Money.
    • Neither Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Nor Even Divorce Can Stop You.
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    Bonus #1: Interview with Sharon Lechter

    Sharon is the Co-Author or the 7 year New York Times Best Seller Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Listen in as she explains what the rich do to become rich and more importantly what the middle class and poor can do to become rich also.
    Here is just some of what Sharon and I reveal in the interview:

    • How she and Robert made Rich Dad Poor Dad so successful.
    • Why our thoughts are the difference between being rich or staying poor.
    • What motivates her to educate people about financial literacy.
    • What types of role models to choose. Who her role model was when she started and what she learned from them.
    • What types of role models to choose. Who her role model was when she started and what she learned from them.
    • Why anyone can learn how to be wealthy.
    • How she stays focused.
    • When to start using legal entities.
    • How to find a good CPA.

    Bonus #2: Interview with Armando Montelongo

    4 million people a week watch Armando Montelongo on the hit TV show Flip This House on A&E. He says now is the best time to start buying investment properties even if you have no money and no credit (which is exactly how he started). Listen and learn what goes on “behind the scenes” of Flip this House and learn Armando’s successful real estate flipping strategies in this personal interview that I recorded with him. You will get instant access to this interview as soon as you purchase.

    "The content is excellent, easy to follow and Paul is very knowledgable."
    – Andrew Brennan, Real Estate Investor & REIN member

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