"This book isn't like the others I've read as the stories are real life and most importantly attainable. Once I started, I had a hard time putting it down. I've already passed this book along to friends with many others asking about it.".
     – Jason Tansem; Publisher, Sun Cruiser Magazine
“This was one of the best books I’ve ever read because they were real life cases. I learned the most so far from EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES™ & the Rich Dad® series.”
     – Jim Koumanis; MD 
“Wealthy Barber for Real Estate Investors! I could not put it down and plan to read it a 2nd & 3rd time. My wife never reads financial books, yet she picked up EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES™ every time I put it down.”
     – Jeffrey Burgis, Sales, BC
“Simply Sensational! I’ve read a lot of real estate books but NOW I have finally found the roadmap and the mentor! This book delivers creative, calculated ideas and actions with measureable, step by step results!”
     – Dawn King, Author of Living a Vibrant Life
“There have been countless books, seminars and even reality TV shows around real estate investing. Much of it is based on HYPE and GET RICH QUICK schemes. This book DOES NOT belong in that category! You’ll see the choices made in order to move forward during difficult times. Once I started, I had a hard time putting the book down.”
     – Darryl Kelly, Real Estate Investor, AB
Reading EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES made me feel like I was on the same level as the investors in the book, as opposed to being preached at by so-called "gurus." The stories felt like they could have come from my neighbor as I read about their real struggles with life's every day challenges. An easy read with simple to grasp concepts!”
     – Leigh Dawson, BCOM, Investor
“EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES™ was hard to put down! It was so interesting that I passed it on to my wife.”
     – Rob Tilman, Author of Xtrapreneur
“Not your typical real estate investing book - perfect for the novice right up to the advanced investor. The tips and ways around traditional financing really opened my eyes. I have read most investing books out there, and they all repeat the same vague message, never giving out the real "tricks" of the trade. This book actually does!
     – Traci Thompson, RE/MAX REALTOR® & Investor
“Paul Hecht inspires investors to become more. I love the real life applications and scenarios in EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES. It is a must have book to keep with you always. Seeing Paul speak live is even more captivating.”
     – Rod O’Keefe, OMREIC Investor Club, BC
“Paul's book simply opened my eyes to what creative things can be done. I enjoyed the real life stories or REAL everyday people who took big steps, small steps, failed, succeeded and overcame obstacles. Paul has a great story and trust me when I say - he will motivate you!”
     – Janey Kasprzak, Sparkling Hill Wellness Resort
“Hey Paul, I just want to thank you for wonderful advice, your honesty, the depth of your email Newsletter and what you wrote in your book EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES™”
     – Chris Doell, Contractor
“There are so many books and gurus around telling you to buy real estate with no money down, but none of them have any really practical (or legal) advice on how to do it. The strategies in this book are as simple as investing gets and don't operate in the gray-areas of the law. Best of all, anybody can invest this way - age, credit rating, bank account balance... none of it matters. You can be bankrupt and broke and still make it with these ideas”
     – Phillip Theriault; CEO Spellweaver Technologies
“I truly recommend Paul Hecht’s training, his book EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES and him as a person to help you along in your journey to be a real estate investor and millionaire. He is down to earth, very accessible and everyday people can relate to him.”
     – Alicia Dunams, Author of GoalDigger
“I gotta tell you, EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES is fantastic! I was excited about RE before I started reading this, but now I am more confident that I can really do this. What a practical book. One of the easiest books to read that I've ever picked up - it's just everyday people talking straight to me. Great amount of info and tips from a practical point of view - Thanks Paul.”
     – Linda Sue Norvell, Woodland Hills, CA
“Paul, I just wanted to express my gratitude. Thanks for helping ordinary people set and achieve their goals.”
     – Marc Provencher
“I have already given away 3 copies of this book to friends because this book is about real lives and real people!”
     – Rofida Kaboli, Tenant, QC
“I couldn't sleep after I finished this book! My daughter is equally excited to know that she doesn't have to be an employee for 30+ years before she is able to do what she truly wants.”
     – Hazel Dawson, Investor

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