"The content is excellent, easy to follow and Paul is very knowledgable."
     – Andrew Brennan, Real Estate Investor & REIN member 
"Very practical strategies. It changed my previous mindset. Excellent event - learnt a lot!"
     – Ricky Chung, IT Consultant 
"There are many ways to make money with real estate. Using RRSP's, RESP's & TFSA's to invest was awesome!  This is very valuable information presented by a team of extremely knowledgable people!"
     – Hilda Castaneda, Financial Coach
"It gave me new ways to do this - step by step."
     – Yan Ma, Sales
"Very worthwhile to learn the techniques taught"
     – Jim Tremtsidis
"I really learnt a lot from Paul and his team. Very informative."
     – Charles, Mortgage agent
"Lots of opportunity out there once you know what to look for. Definitely attend this event and bring an open mind!"
     – Sharda Ram, RN
"Excellent workshop - very eye opening!"
     – Tong Hu, IT Programmer
"Techniques that seemed to be difficult or complicated before make sense now. Highly recommended event!"
     – Viktoria Palfi, Dept of Foreign Affairs
"Very illuminating - well worth your time to attend."
     – Anuroop Dhalohia 
"I recommend taking this course. This knowledges reduced my fear and uncertainty about Real Estate."
     – Florence Chong
"Great course, taught many different style of investing in Real Estate. Many thanks Paul, great seminar, very informative and inspirational."
     – Laura and Patrick Wulfers, Air Canada and Johnson Controls
"Very informative! Speakers are highly knowledgable. Attend."
     – Dorothy Stuart, Former Property Administrator 
"Spend the money - it's worth it!"
     – Nadine Peazer, Facilities Coordinator
“Paul, just to let you know - I have enjoyed your Home Training DVD course and also reading your book. When starting out in March, 2012, I had no investment properties. I followed your course and within 8 months, I now own a triplex and a duplex that are cash flow positive and operating between a cap rate of 7.0 to 8.0. Thank-you. ”
     – Derek Demuynck
“Be ready for a lot of content!”
     – Suzanna Fucca, Investor, Calgary, AB 
“From not knowing what a good real estate deal looks like, I purchased my first investment property within a few months of taking Paul’s training. And, I’ll be purchasing my second one shortly. You can do it too!”
     – Derek Schulmeister, Flooring Contractor
“Meat and potatoes. Not only useful, but inspiring! Absolutely worth it! Information is second to none. Phenomenal – just do it!”
     – John Marland, MotorSource
‘Don’t miss it! It’s been the best Real Estate seminar that I have ever taken and, received the most practical and realistic information to help me reach my goals in creating wealth, great ideas and motivation.’
     – Ed McEwin- Investor Business Owner
"You get an honest perspective on Real Estate opportunities through a speaker who is visibly transparent and honest. I sincerely believe he possesses integrity and is truly interested in your success."
     – John Hutton – Aircraft Mechanic
"It’s a great course for those who want to get on in life and get more educated "
     – Astrid Erbo-Palmer - Teacher
"Fantastic – It’s not just about Real Estate, it’s also about bettering yourself and turning a new page"
     – Greg Palmer – Painter/Plasterer
"Excellent workshop - very eye opening!"
     – Tong Hu, IT Programmer
"Well worth the time and money spent. I would recommend this event to anyone. It helped replace old thoughts about Real Estate"
     – Laura Berg - Administrator 
"Very illuminating - well worth your time to attend."
     – Anuroop Dhalohia 
"With no previous real estate investment knowledge, this seminar was well worthwhile. I learned a ton."
     – Cody Berg - Carpenter
"Go to it! You won’t be sorry, and you will learn a lot. Every working person should have access to a person like Paul."
     – Warren Dent, Investor
"From all the different programs that I have taken, this is the best one! I’d recommend it to anyone. The information is easy to understand and straight forward. Take this seminar."
     – Kelly Teague, Investor  
"I will never invest the same way that I did before. This gave me the confidence and the WHOLE picture of what real estate investment is all about. Thanks for the REAL Training!"
     – Christine Maloney, Self Employed
"Genuine! Well worth it – a must have to gain knowledge BEFORE purchasing!"
     – Raye Wolverton, Registered Nurse
“Paul is a personable and very inspiring speaker, who has encouraging ideas”
     – Jo Anne McLellan – Martial Arts Instructor  
“If you are serious about investing in Real Estate, then this is a great place to start. Lots of practical and applicable information for ‘Everyday’ people like us ”
     – Eric Wisse – Business Architect
“It’s a great investment of time and money because the ‘knowledge’ is so worthwhile for people who are looking to get into Real Estate Investing”
     – Tanya Wisse – Domestic Engineer 
“There have been countless books, seminars and even reality TV shows around real estate investing. Much of it is based on HYPE and GET RICH QUICK schemes. This book DOES NOT belong in that category! You’ll see the choices made in order to move forward during difficult times. Once I started, I had a hard time putting the book down.”
     – Darryl Kelly, Real Estate Investor, AB
Reading EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES made me feel like I was on the same level as the investors in the book, as opposed to being preached at by so-called "gurus." The stories felt like they could have come from my neighbor as I read about their real struggles with life's every day challenges. An easy read with simple to grasp concepts!”
     – Leigh Dawson, BCOM, Investor
“It’s very well done and well worth it”
     – Garry Gratton – Coldwell Banker Realtor
“Excellent value for the time and money"
     – Dave Yunker – Business Owner
“If you are serious about getting ahead, then invest in Paul’s education, his content was good”
     – Lyle Stoneman – RE/MAX Realtor 
"Just do it! And the reason to do it with Paul is because of his experience, honesty and integrity.”
     – Allan McPhee -Investor
“Get busy, these are opportunities abound”
     – Warren Saari – Business Owner
“Very informative sessions that teach you things you never thought were possible. This is how the rich get rich…The secret’s out”
     – Wendy Desrosiers – Dental Hygienist
“It is great information and easy to understand, and something that anyone can do”
     – Laureen Stoneman – Real Estate Assistant
“You don’t have to have the money yourself to get started.”
     – Ben Duckworth – Construction Project Manager
“Well worth the value – You’ll gain enough information to get started and give you tools in your tool belt”
     – Heather Roberts – Self Employed
“Don’t let fear hold you back! – you now have the knowledge. This really can be done; it isn’t just another seminar that promises a lot and then doesn’t work in real life.”
     – Diana Neil - Retired
“Paul, thanks for all the updates and encouraging emails. Your course gave me the confidence that I needed to get out and buy. I bought a house and also in the process of buying one for my sister to get started - she is doing a rent to own purchase.”
     – Thanks again, Brenda Blatz, Photographer
“‘Do it. It’s a Paradigm Shift”
     – Nathan Brown, Unemployable
“Shows how you can start immediately with your plan, whether you have money or not”
     – Investor
“Good information, I liked the ability to ask questions during the lectures”
     – Dan Roberts - Bailiff
“Tons of meat, there is so much content. Even if you have been to one of these before, it is still worth it as Paul presents new relevant material, and a new way of thinking about Real Estate. He talks about this market, this city and is very down to earth”
     – Cory Priebe – Self Employed
“I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who is interested in exploring Real Estate Investing”
     – Trish Graumann - Advisor
“Great event, no high pressure sales, great information”
     – Steve Graumann
 ‘Don’t just consider it! You won’t regret it”
     – Paul Jones – Owner/Investor
“In one afternoon we learned more about investment real estate than we had learned over the past two years of reading books and attending other seminars. We’ve attended other real estate seminars before but the other speakers seemed like they we holding back, and just giving tidbits of information. Paul was honest and laid it all out for us, explained everything and was very welcoming when we had any questions. I’d definitely recommend Paul. He knows a lot and definitely helped us on our way. We finally purchased our first investment property and we owe a lot of that to Paul.”
     - Dave & Rochelle Mulder, Architectural Technologist
“Realistic, real life strategies that Paul has actually used. Exactly what I had hoped for!”
     – Anne Murphy, Bateleur Properties Inc., Cold Stream, BC
“Paul has facilitated one of the most drastic and positive changes in my life.”
     – Darelann Perkins, Teacher, Canmore, Alberta
“If you went to school to learn this, it would cost 10x more for this information”
     – Bob Wilkinson –Contractor/Investor
This is real training. No theory, just hands on practical advice from people that have already done it. After years of waiting, I attended Paul’s training and purchased my first property using his creative strategies. ”
     – Phillip Theriault, Entrepreneur/Investor
“Exciting and informative! You can do it! Study it, there’s a method - it’s real!”
     – Chantal Bertrand, RE/MAX Property Manager
“Paul, your course definitely gave me the confidence to take the first step and put a deal together. Knowing what numbers to look at and what to look for, made a big difference. I closed on my first investment property and got the keys last month and we have an offer on another one. Thanks for all your help and support! ”
     – Jeff Burgis, Sales
“I trust completely in Paul and Paul’s information. This training gave me the confidence to finally invest in Real Estate myself.”
     – Lynne Wende, Investor
“If you are serious about making a change in your life, you need to have the desire and passion. Paul gives you the tools.”
     – Tim Reich, Aria Graphics
“Paul’s delivery is very straight forward and easy to understand in comparison to other Real Estate courses that I have taken. I appreciate Paul’s honesty and wouldn’t change a thing.”
     – Tom Hood, Investor
“Take this course when you are REALLY ready to get into the game.”
     – Kevin Bates, Investor
“Listen and soak in all you can. Make sure to analyze the property and be sure that the numbers work.”
     – Paul Bariesheff, Investor
“Start now! This course is excellent and well worth it!”
     – Dan Anderson, Heavy Equipment Sales
“There is much more to know about Real Estate Investing than I had thought. I’ve learned to match character and investment style with the appropriate market.”
     – Don Cecile, Former Vice Principal
“With this knowledge, you can do it faster with less mistakes by learning how to validate good deals”
     – Bruno Cloutier, Business Owner
“The training is well worth it”
     – Wes Rosso – Painting Contractor
“Great information”
     – Julian Mendes, Chiropractor
“In-depth and covers the small details. Paul presents in a very understandable way. A must if you are considering investing in real estate.”
     – Valerie Matchett, Investor
“This is the best course I’ve ever taken! It really expanded my thinking in realizing different strategies to fit each individual investor. If you are serious about Real Estate, there is no bigger value around than this training.”
     – Bill Thorp, Investor
“As a new real estate agent starting out in a tough market, I found your course helped me to better understand the features and benefits of a wide range of investment options that just are not addressed in traditional training courses. My clients have benefited greatly from my ability to quickly analyze (and discuss different and sometimes unique) investment/ownership strategies. My job is to create opportunities for buyers and sellers and now that the real estate market has taken a dramatic change, I am more than prepared to help my clients reach their goals. I found your presentation style and knowledge made for a great learning environment. You answered questions with enthusiasm, knowledge and depth. Thanks again. ”
     – Dean Desrosiers, RE/MAX REALTOR®
“Very informative and current to today’s market.”
     – Hazel Dawson, Investor 
“The nuts and bolts, how-to’s and simplicity of great deals and decision making. Very well delivered – high class presentation with proven real life results.”
     – Dawn King, Author; "Live a Vibrant Life 
“Learn how to free up your time and live a lifestyle where you are the boss. This CAN be done if you put in the effort, regardless of house prices. Thanks Paul. ”
     – Annette Seutter, Mail Clerk
“Well worth the money! Information and strategies that apply to all ages.”
     – Jared Seutter, Student
“As seniors, we consider Paul’s advice on investing invaluable. I recommend this course to all family members and friends as it gives you the confidence about investing.”
     – Dianne & Arlie Dawson, Retirees
“Paul’s integrity and compassion to help others achieve their goals came through. Invaluable resource for anyone who desires to be a Real Estate Investor but never knew where to start. Provides an eye-opener to the truth. Do whatever you have to not to miss this training!”
     – Carol Kirkland, Retiree, BC
“Are you interested in real estate or interested in learning how to be successful at it? You’ll find the ‘nuts and bolts’ steps & strategies to use. I’ve appreciated getting actual content that I can use, not just a ‘scratch the surface’ seminar! ”
     – Rick Seutter, School Principal
“In depth strategy analysis and calculating what the property is REALLY worth is loud and clear. This program will surely get the wheels spinning.”
     – Leigh Dawson, Investor  

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